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Derek Smith & Co

Derek Smith & Co

Based in Bury, Lancashire, Derek Smith & Co provides fantastic legal advice on a range of matters. Our experienced team of lawyers help you to achieve your goals, and we’ve been doing this for more than 40 years. The business is family-run, and lots of the customers that come to us have heard of us through family or friends. We’re friendly and professional at all times, and our firm is SRA and CQS regulated. This underlines our quality, and shows the level of service that you’ll receive. For a quality service, call us today.

There may be hundreds of solicitors out there, but we believe that we’re ahead of the competition. We promote ourselves as a “new service for an old practice”, and this allows you to get the best of both worlds. We’re a 21st century company with old fashioned values.

We don’t believe in trying to oversell our products using fancy gimmicks, we use the best form of advertisement; our past customers. Every customer we serve leaves feeling pleased and satisfied, and because of this they recommend us to their family, friends, and other contacts.

Over the years we’ve established a close relationship with leading estate agents, and this is healthy, fruitful, and cost-effective for customers and businesses alike. This gives you an advantage when buying or selling a house, and it’s just part of the service you get from us.

In 2014 Derek Smith & Co merged with Winder Taylor Fallows, based in Bolton and Horwich, to form a new exciting firm called Winder Taylor Smith. Derek Smith & Co, not only can offer the same professional service we are well known for, but utilise the expertise and more comprehensive range of services provided by Winder Taylor Smith.

Winder Taylor Smith

Based in Bolton and Horwich, Winder Taylor Smith was originally established as a law firm over 180 years ago with various mergers during that time. In May 2014 the former firm of Winder Taylor Fallows and Derek Smith & Co merged to form a new firm of Winder Taylor Smith.

Winder Taylor Smith utilise the combined expertise of both firms to provide an more complete and comprehensive service than ever before.

We work to alleviate your concerns through personal reassurance, professional service, expert advice and advanced communication. This means that for all our services we:

  • Invest time in a free consultation so that can we can truly understand your legal requirements and assign you a case manager from the outset.
  • Explain the legal process in our first consultation and in writing, so that you understand why, when and how your case is progressing at all times.
  • Always provide comprehensive Terms of Business and detailed estimates so you won't be surprised by hidden costs.
  • Aim to be your solicitor for all of life's issues, for you, your family and your business.

Winder Taylor Smith

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