Making A Will

A will is your written instructions about what should happen to your body and the things that you own after your death

Making A Will

The Basics

If you care about what happens to your property and estate (or you want to exclude any person(s) from benefiting), you should make a Will.

A Will is one of the life's most important documents and is unique to the individual concerned. A Will is important if you are not married or in a registered civil partnership. The law doesn't recognise cohabitants as having the same rights as husbands, wife's or civil partners.

A properly written Will can assist you in ensuring your property and estate goes where you want it go and in what proportion, legally minimise the effects of inheritance tax and protect you children's inheritance against the effects of remarriage.

What Information Is Required?

Completion of our Will Questionnaire, will provide all the information we require so far as it relates to you personally. The questionnaire is a 5 page document but you will have the option of being able to save and resume the completion of the document, using a secure password system.

You also have the option to print a copy of the document, either to see what information is required prior to completing the form or if you prefer to bring with you at your appointment.

Download Our Will Questionnaire Here

Executor Of Your Will

Executors of your Will are the people you want to carry out the instructions in your Will. We suggest you appoint at least 2 and no more than 4. They should be people you know and they can be people who are also to benefit under your Will. We can advise further if required.

What Next?

Our team deal with all aspects of property transactions for landlords and tenants, including commercial leases for retail, industrial and office premises. We can also draft and arrange assignment and surrender of leases and sub-letting agreements.When the Will has been drafted it needs to be signed in order to become a legal document. The rules state that the Will must be signed by you and then witnessed by another person. This witness will not then be able to benefit from the Will, therefore many people will use the solicitors to witness the Will to avoid this problem.

Your Will needs to be kept in a safe place and the executors need to be told where it is. many people ask their solicitors to store the wills for them. It also important to keep your Will up to date. We suggest you review the Will every two years, particularly if inheritance tax maybe involved.

Please complete the questionnaire, either online or by hand. We will then send a draft Will to you for approval and suggest a meeting to answer any questions and to sign the Will, we will usually provide the necessary witnesses unless otherwise requested.

When Someone Dies

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